Areas of Practice


Professional legal advice for peace of mind

Founded in 1978, CDG Law has a strong history of serving the Singleton and surrounding communities and has recently expanded its expert legal services the city of Newcastle.

We are a dynamic general practice firm who can assist you in all areas of your life and business. CDG Law has a thriving practice in business and commercial law and will provide you with thorough and comprehensive advice to keep your business running smoothly.

We have extensive experience in family and relationship law and will offer you frank but sensitive advice to help you through these times.

CDG Law will always strive to obtain the best possible outcomes for our clients. We seek to resolve matters amicably wherever possible, but we understand that this cannot always be achieved. We are experienced in the skill of litigation and will competently represent you in Courts or Tribunals when required.

We have a reputation for providing our clients excellent service and advice. Our solicitors are accessible and understanding.