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Powers of Attorney


What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document prepared by CDG Law in which you appoint and authorise a person (called your attorney) to act on your behalf in relation to your financial and legal affairs. Appointing an attorney can give you peace of mind that you have planned ahead and made arrangements should you lose the capacity to manage your own affairs in the future. A Power of Attorney can also be used if you are taking a long trip away and need someone to act on your behalf.

The document contains details of what your attorney is authorised to do. This can be very general, where a preventative Power of Attorney is prepared, or very narrow if you want your attorney to only be able to act in specific circumstances.


What happens if I lose the capacity to make decisions?

If you lose the capacity to make decisions, your Power of Attorney will cease to operate. However, if at the time of making the document you wish to give the attorney authority to continue to act even if you lose the capacity to make your own decisions we can ensure that it is an Enduring Power of Attorney.


Who should I appoint as my attorney?

A trusted friend or relative over 18 years old can be appointed as your attorney. Your attorney will need to sign a Power of Attorney to show that they have accepted the position and for it to become effective.

You should consider appointing more than one, either together or with someone standing in if the first cannot carry out the position.


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